The Tecnilinea pyramid line insole is made of a material similar to plastic, resistant and completely waterproof.

perfect hand lines

Template system by guides that will allow you to make perfect strokes without deviating and with high precision.

Millimetric template to draw to scale

Guides with 1ml separations which will make it easier to establish scales with respect to real dimensions.

Draw vertical and horizontal lines

You will notice how the tip of the pen follows a guide that will allow you to make horizontal and vertical lines very easily.

How does it work?

  • 1

    Grab your Pyramid Liner

  • 2

    Grab your pad or sheet

  • 3

    Place the template under the first sheet

  • 4

    Attach with magnet or binder clip and draw!

Frequently Asked Questions

Although Pyramid Liner is a very practical product with great simplicity of use, it is normal that you may have doubts regarding its use, characteristics or details, which is why we leave you with some FAQ's of the most common queries. If you still have questions, you can contact us through the contact form.

Do I need special paper?
Nope! The great thing about Pyramid Liner is that you can use any normal weight paper.
Do I need a special pen or pencil?
Neither! Use whatever pencil or pen you have on hand and start drawing! However, we recommend using a fine tip for a smoother glide.
Who can use the template?
Anyone who wants to draw straight lines! Architects, Engineers, Tradesmen, Students, Interior Designers, Real Estate Photographers, Contractors, Carpenters, Kitchen Makers, Glaziers, Roofers, Plumbers, Electricians, etc.
Where is it made?
Our product is made and manufactured in Europe, adhering to strict quality standards to guarantee a high quality product.
What is personalization and how does it benefit me?
We offer the option to customize your template by printing on the front or back of your template. It can be used to advertise your company or services, print instructions for your workers on the back, etc.

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